That DAM Quiltalong: Additional Info for Block 2

Some of the cutting instructions were inadvertently omitted for the Block 2 – here they are!!

Rosebud Block 8-1/2″

Rosebud (#1273 in BlockBase) was given that name by the Ladies’ Art Company about 1900.

 34 rosebud ABC
Cutting an 8″ Finished Block
A Cut 4 dark squares and 6 light squares 2-1/8″. Cut each in half diagonally.
1 cut sm
You need 8 dark triangles and 13 light triangles.
B Cut 2 dark squares 4-7/8″. Cut each in half diagonally.
1 cut sm
You need 4 triangles.
C Cut 2 pink or red  squares 3-5/8″. Cut each in half diagonally.
1 cut sm
You need 4 triangles.
Pair triangles A to make 8 squares like this:
34 how to1
Make 4 strips like this:
34 how to2
Add triangle C to make 4 larger triangles like this:
34 how to3
Add triangle B to make 4 squares like this:
34 how to4
Rotate the squares to make a 4-Patch like this:
34 rosebud

That DAM Quilt Along! – Blocks 1 and 2

Let’s get That DAM Quilt Along started! After another week of yet-even-more-never-ending snow and freezing cold temperatures, all I want to do is hibernate indoors with my sewing machine and “churn” out a few blocks.

Be sure to read the Introduction, and carefully plan your fabric choices if you want to have enough left for your blocks a few months from now.

Marie made these beautiful samples of blocks 1 and 2:


Block 1: Churn Dash (12 Inches)

Our first block is a classic churn dash in the picture on the left. You’ve probably made this one before because it’s an easy beginner pattern. I love the fabric Marie carefully cut for the middle (called “fussy cutting”) and the other low volume prints she used for the background.

Tutorial: Churn Dash – 12 inch

Block 2: Rosebud (8 Inches)

Our second block is called Rosebud, the smaller block on the right. It’s a little more complicated than the churn dash and gives you more practice making those dreaded half-square triangles <SCREAM!> Marie says to be sure to read the tutorial very closely and use a very scant ¼ inch seam allowance for one section.

Tutorial: Rosebud – 8 inch

For more in-depth instructions, checkout our most recent blog post.

Remember to bring your blocks to our next guild meeting, and be sure to post them to our Flickr group and Instagram hashtag #ThatDAMQuiltAlong.

Questions? Send us an email through the Google group or post it on our Flickr discussion.

This is That DAM Quilt Along!

Welcome to That DAM Quilt Along! sponsored by the Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild (DAMQG). This one’s for you, so make it wild and funky, or crisp and graphic, or light and sweet. At the end of this year, we’ll each have our own unique quilt with lots of fun and creativity along the way.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Each month Marie will present two blocks of different sizes and patterns. The blocks will have a tutorial along with Marie’s tips for any tricky parts. She’ll bring sample blocks to our guild meeting, and post pictures and links on our blog.
  • We’ll do this for 12 months, so you’ll end up with 24 blocks. But feel free to make more of ones you love in different colors and sizes. When we’re done, we’ll have a workshop to arrange our blocks and add any fillers to make your quilt top. Marie will provide sample layout designs, or you can create your own.
  • #1 RULE: This is FUN, so don’t STRESS if you get behind! We all have crazy-busy months, and let’s face it, we’ve all started projects and then lost interest … it happens. You may end up with a table runner or a king-sized masterpiece. Do what you want … This is Your Own That DAM Quilt Along ← #1 RULE.

Fabric Requirements: Sorry, but we don’t know yet. Poor Marie has only had 4 days to plan a whole year of blocks and create a final design layout. She’s amazing, but even Wonder Woman needs a few minutes to zip up her bustier and snap on those magic wristbands. We’ll update this post with the total amount of fabric needed as soon as it’s ready. Until then, if you want your December blocks to have some of the same fabric as your February blocks, then start with a nice sized stack or a few larger pieces, especially if you want the same background. This is your quilt, so use fabric you love.

Show us your blocks! Bring them to the next guild meeting, and post them to our Flickr group and Instagram hashtag #ThatDAMQuiltAlong.

Questions? Send us an email through the Google group or post it on our Flickr discussion.