Hot Fun in the Summertime!

Our July meeting was held at the Emory in Ferndale! It was a blast. Good food, good friends and good drinks!!
We did get to view our beautiful guild “BRA” quilt that we are donating to Becky and Amanda – participants of the 3 Day, 60 mile Breast Cancer walk! I did that and WOW! they are amazing for taking on this challenge.


Becky and Amanda need to raise $$ in order to walk for this cause.  They will be raffling off this amazing quilt and If you would like to donate and get a chance to win this adorable quilt, it’s fast and easy:

1). Go to
2). Click the big button that says “DONATE TODAY”
3). That will bring you to a page that lets you search for a participant. They would simply search for Becky Bachand or Amanda Bachand
4). Once the search is complete, then scroll down a bit and there will be either name ( they are both part of TEAM FITZ), and all you need to do is click the “donate now” button.
5). Fill out the donation form – every $20 increment gets an entry into this giveaway.  In the personal notes section, indicate that you want to part of the quilt drawing.
The drawing will be on August 14th!!  Good Luck!  I have made a donation – why don’t you??

We also received our first Charity quilt from Vicky Gaines – guild president!!  We all have agreed to make a charity quilt and they will be given to children at Beaumont’s Acute Care Unit!!

charity quilt vicky 7:11
Hello Kitty – Economy Block

This great tag will be attached to the back of all of our quilts!  We are amazing!

charity quilt label

Have a wonderful weekend!!  Tomorrow night there is another SUPER Moon!!  Enjoy!

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