The wheels are turning for 2015

New (previous) Board Members are in place:

Vicky – President

Donna A. – V. President

Amanda O. – Treasurer

Sue – Secretary

We have lots of members involved this year.  Here are some of the committees and who is heading them up:

New Memberships:  Eileen

Blog Members:  Dana, Donna A, Lynette & Rebecca P.

Charity Quilt Bee – Rebekah C.

Charity:  Nancy Mc., Barb

Sew-ins – Donna T.

This is simply amazing!!  We are DAM good!! Here is view at what we accomplished in 2014 (to name a few):

1.  Top 3 items that members want out of the DAM Guild: FUN, FRIENDSHIP and EDUCATION – mission accomplished!

2.  DAM logo gear – We have a great, messenger bag and pins, pins, pins….

3.  By-Laws updated

4.  Blog inched forward

5.  2 Retreats were planned and attended!!  Great fun and Success

6.  Many members participated in the Riley Blake challenge

7.  2015 QuiltCon announced – 12 members will be leaving this month to attend!!

8.  We previewed everyone’s stash – some were very interesting and unbelievable

9.  That DAM Quilt Along was started – great success – plans to get together to put all the blocks together are in the works.

10.  Instagram lessons were given – #DAMQG

11.  Workshop with Sarah Fielke

12.  RO Beaumont’s Children’s Acute Care Unit was selected for our Charity for 2014

13.  What is that DAM tool was introduced

14.  New DAM Quilt label designed

15.  Charity Bra Quilt was donated to participants of the 3 day, 60 Mile breast cancer walk – Over $500 was raised

16.  Hosted Rossie Hutchinson’s Trunk Show

17.  The Pay it Forward Thank you box was initiated

18. Participated in the 2015 MQG Charity Challenge


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