Member Spotlight-Vicky Gaines

Vicky Gaines

DAM Girl Vicky Gaines is the Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild President.

How long have you been quilting?

I started sewing when I was about 10…..just started with quilting a few years ago.

Who introduced you to quilting or how did you start quilting?

My sister is a quilter and she is the one who taught me to sew.  I never had much interest in the quilting ….too traditional and perfect for my liking.  I think that is what drew me into the Modern Quilting.

Do you remember your first quilt? Describe it for us.

A baby quilt for my son….I would say it was more of a comforter than a quilt.  It had a big ruffle around the edge and was real fluffy, appliquéd in bright colors.

When or how did you first find modern quilting?

The first blog I found that I related to was Pink Penguin.  Ayumi is from Japan and I have always loved the cute whimsical style.  She is still my favorite and I’m so excited that her first line of fabric will be released this month.  One day I have to meet her!

What is your favorite part of the quilting process?

The planning is my fave.

Where do you find inspiration?

Instagram is a great tool for inspiration…so many talented people out there.

What is your most used or favorite quilting tool?

I think my favorite tool is a pair of snips that can clip threads right at the base.

What brand/type of machine do you quilt on?

I have two Babylock machines and I love them.

If you could take a class from anyone who would it be?

Ayumi Takahashi

What advice would you have given yourself as a newbie  when you started quilting?

Focus on what you love and learn that one skill really well.  It’s hard to be good at everything.

What is your favorite quilt pattern or designer? I love so many different designers. Tula Pink is really talented and has so much fun in her quilts. I also really love Alison Glass…everything she does is amazing.

Do you quilt your own quilts?

No, I don’t like that part…and it’s not an area I want to focus on.

Do you design your own quilts?

Not really…..I don’t like the math!

What is your current obsession? (Fabric, tool, technique, etc.)

Paper Piecing has been an obsession for a while and I still LOVE it!  I am taking a class at QuiltCon on how to design your own paper pieced patterns. So very excited!


Do you have a quilt related business?

No, I don’t believe in mixing business with pleasure and for me it’s all about the social aspects.

Do you prefer to work on and complete a project before starting another or do you have multiple projects going at one time?

I do like to finish my projects…I get nervous if I have too many projects to complete….I also don’t like my stash to be too big.  Right now I feel like I have too much fabric and I have to make a bunch of stuff before I can buy more fabric.

Quickly answer:

Pre-wash? Yes or NoNo

Pins or spray baste? – Spray Baste..even small projects.

Quilt in – silence, to music or TV? – MUSIC!!!

Steam or no steam? – NO steam


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