2014: What You Want

2013 was all about organization: creating Guild bylaws, setting job descriptions for the guild officers, creating our blog, and fine tuning logos. The first year of a guild is the hardest because there is so much to do and our outgoing board did an awesome job. Thank You Joyce, Maureen, Erica and Huong for getting us through our first year.

Now that our foundation has been created, it is time to focus on new goals and moving the Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild to the next level. At our January meeting I passed out a simple survey and asked each of you for your input. The results of the survey has defined our roadmap for 2014. Thanks for your feedback!

Here are the results of the survey:
Fun: Took 1st place spot@ It had the most #1 votes and the lowest score on the survey.
Friendship: Came in second…sewing friends are the best!
Education: Came in third….This will be a bigger focus in 2014.
Swaps: 4th place…but a fun way to bond…and we like doing them.
Charity: 5th place….Always good to pay it forward.
Field Trips: Even though it came in last place ….doesn’t mean a fun trip won’t be planned for all interested!
Some members gave suggestions…one of those suggestions will be brought up at our February meeting, other members gave encouragement and that will be more appreciated as the year goes on.
We have just started our planning but I definitely think that 2014 will be a year of Fun and friendship….We may even learn a thing or two…


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