April Charity Bee Block

It’s April, and Spring is finally here!  We have new baby Henry and a new DAM Charity Bee block.  This month Rebekah has selected a 3-ring log cabin block, also known as Bluebell’s Cabin.  Our colors are navy, teal, green and aqua .. be sure to view the MudPunch link for the exact shades.

You can see a sample block here at Leigh Laurel Studios

Rebekah made us a sample block:


Color Palette: Mudpunch – Zephyr: Navy, Teal, Lime, Aqua

Unfinished Block Size: 12.5″

Block Instructions: Create a 3 ring log cabin block:

  • Center Square: white – Any white is okay as the whites will not be touching other blocks
  • 1st Ring: follow color scheme
  • 2nd Ring: white
  • 3rd Ring: follow color scheme

Trim block to 12.5″

Please contact Rebekah if you have any questions.  Happy Sewing!

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