May Charity Bee Block

B-I-G thanks to everyone who has made a charity bee block this year!  We have 4 quilts ready to brighten the rooms of children at our local hospital, and more on the way.  Keep making those blocks and bring them to our guild meetings, or drop them at the shop if you can’t make it.

Our May block is Scrap Eater.  Sew your scraps into a square .. use small pieces, big pieces, squares, rectangles, triangles. Whatever you have leftover in the rainbow bright color scheme is perfect for this!  Be sure to read the tutorial and use bright-bright colors.

Tutorial is here at My Quilt Infatuation

Sample quilt is here at s.o.t.a.k Handmade

Color Palette: Rainbow Brights! Only use bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue and/or purple.  Both prints and solids are fine.

Unfinished Block Size: 12.5″

Please contact Rebekah if you have any questions.  Happy Sewing!

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