August Charity Bee Block

Yikes!  This month has flown by while I have forgotten to post our August charity block.  I’m so sorry, but better late than not at all.  This month we’ll make a scrappy string block inspired by the talented Lynn Harris, who taught a workshop for us in July.  Bring your block to our September guild meeting or drop it at Guildcrafters.

Color Palette: Mudpunch Blogging: Green, purple, dark gray, light gray

Unfinished Block Size: 12.5″ x 12.5”

Block Instructions:

  1. Take out a 12.5″ square ruler, or eyeball it with your cutting mat.
  2. Stretch one string from corner to opposite corner being sure to overlap at the edges.
    August Block Step 1
  3. Working from the center to the outside, sew strings that are shorter in length to either side. Be sure to starch liberally as you add each string.
    August Block Step 2
  4. When you have reached the outer edge of your block, press and trim to 12.5″.
    August Block Step 3

Please contact Rebekah if you have any questions.  Happy Summer and Happy Sewing!

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