September Charity Bee Block

Our DAM Charity Bee has now made 8 beautiful quilts to donate to the acute care children’s unit of our local hospital.  The quilts are put on children’s beds when they enter the hospital for a long term stay, and of course they get to take them home.  Thanks to everyone for continuing to make blocks each month and for the volunteers who assemble the quilt top, quilt it (Barb D!) and finish the binding!

We have another beautiful block for September, inspired by the Intersection block from Film in the Fridge.  Instructions are below.  Bring your block to our October guild meeting or drop it at Guildcrafters.

Inspired by: Film in the Fridge – Intersection Block.  Note: Do not follow the measures in the tutorial on this site.  Rebekah has enlarged our block below.

Color Palette: Mudpunch Trailer: light blue, gold, dark blue, pink

Unfinished Block Size: 12″ x 12”

Block Instructions:

  1. Cut center block 8” x 8”
  2. Cut first ring strips 2” wide. Sew around center.

  3. Cut second ring strips 2” wide. Sew around first ring.

  4. Cut block in half so that the center square is 3.75” on each side. Cut halves into quarters. Trim the quarters along the outside edges to 6.25” square.
    September block Step 2

  5. Sew together in a plus pattern with outside edges in the center of the block.
    September Block Step 1

Please contact Rebekah if you have any questions.  Happy Sewing!

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